Yext CEO Michael Walrath

In the heart of New York City, over the cheapest wine two budding filmmakers could find, Michael Walrath and Stephanie Soechtig dreamt of documentaries that would make an impact. Years later, this dream became a reality with Atlas Films, producing Fed Up – a deep dive into the state of the American food system.

Michael Walrath is not just a filmmaker. He's a seasoned digital entrepreneur, having led Right Media, which sought to revolutionize the digital ad space by trading it akin to stocks. Launched during the aftermath of the dot-com crash, Right Media's venture became the first large-scale digital ad exchange, leading to its acquisition by Yahoo in 2007. This deal was emblematic, coming at a time when significant buyouts in the digital advertising space were setting new precedents.

Walrath's transition to Yahoo was more than just a corporate shift. It was a leap from managing a tight-knit team of 400 to steering a sprawling 5,000-strong behemoth. The nimbleness that was the hallmark of Right Media's growth needed recalibration within Yahoo's larger framework. Amid this, Walrath, an entrepreneur known for his agility during challenges, captained the Yahoo ship amidst a carousel of changing CEOs.

Yet, [his conversation with](https:// reveals that, beyond the boardrooms and celebrity encounters (including a hang-up on Harvey Weinstein), he is a leader focusing on consistent adaptation and learning. From being a pioneer at Right Media, transitioning to the world of documentary films with Atlas Films, and then shifting gears to a strategic role at Yext, Walrath's narrative is one of evolution. Yext's journey, from aiding businesses with their digital imprints to leveraging generative AI, mirrors the transformative path of the tech sector.

Walrath views AI as the next big wave, drawing parallels with the dot-com era. He sees a horizon where AI is an integral part of everyday life, much like today's internet. In every role, whether at the helm of a startup or a global tech giant, he underscores the need for adaptability in leadership, highlighting the contrast between the rapid scaling at Right Media and the dynamics at Yahoo

After leaving Yahoo, he founded WGI Group with his partners, Jonah and Noah Goodhart. Brilliant successes and misjudgments characterized the trio's investment journey, but their passion for the startup ecosystem remained undeterred. One of their stellar successes, Moat, originated from an entirely different idea but evolved into a breakthrough advertising analytics venture.

Throughout his impressive and storied career, Walrath's insights into business scaling are particularly important. The essence of managing a large-scale business is the understanding that agility and rapid pivots, although critical in startups, can become liabilities in larger organizations. The ability to course-correct with thousands on board differs from a few hundred.

Michael Walrath's career is a masterclass in navigating the world of digital entrepreneurship. From the rise of Right Media to the corporate intricacies of Yahoo and the dynamic success of WGI, his journey is a fascinating look into the unpredictable and rapidly changing digital landscape.

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