NexusTek CEO Bill Wosilius

Bill Wosilius, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, credits the film Top Gun for inspiring his military career. His eight-year Air Force tenure, including a mission in Bosnia, proved formative. “That was a long, long time ago. It was awesome,” Wosilius reflects on his military service. This experience laid the groundwork for his leadership and strategic thinking skills.

Transitioning to the corporate sector, Wosilius joined a data center business in the late 1990s, marking his entry into the technology industry. He humorously recalls his initial unfamiliarity with IT, illustrating the steep learning curve he navigated. This shift began a 25-year journey through various tech companies, culminating in his current role as CEO of NexusTek. “I got an opportunity to become a first-time CEO five years ago,” Wosilius says, highlighting a pivotal moment in his career.

At NexusTek, Wosilius oversees a business specializing in IT outsourcing, catering to small and medium-sized companies. The firm has grown to serve about 1,200 businesses nationwide, a testament to Wosilius's leadership in a competitive industry. His tenure at NexusTek coincided with the rapid transition to remote work during the pandemic, which saw heightened demand for cybersecurity solutions. Wosilius notes the increased “attack surface” as businesses shifted operations to less secure, home-based networks.

His military background notably influences Wosilius's leadership approach. He emphasizes transparent communication and a strong company culture, which is particularly challenging in a remote work environment. During the pandemic, he spearheaded initiatives to maintain employee engagement and connection, including a unique project involving a house band comprised of employees.

A strong advocate for leadership development, Wosilius established the NexusTek Leadership Academy. This program, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning, offers executive MBA-style training to high-potential employees. Wosilius believes that investing in leadership development is crucial for organizational success.

Regarding the future of work, Wosilius envisions a stable hybrid work environment. He views the shift to remote work as not a challenge but an opportunity, allowing NexusTek to recruit talent nationally. This perspective underscores his ability to leverage changing circumstances for strategic advantage.

Wosilius's reflections on the macroeconomic environment reveal a leader who is cautiously optimistic yet realistic. He acknowledges the unpredictability of current global trends, emphasizing that no one can confidently predict the future. This pragmatic approach is indicative of his broader strategic outlook.

Wosilius's path from the Air Force to the corporate boardroom exemplifies the varied trajectories of modern leadership. His tenure at NexusTek has been marked by adaptability, strategic foresight, and a focus on building a solid organizational culture. As he looks to the future, his leadership style—balancing realism with optimism—will continue to guide NexusTek through the evolving landscape of IT and cybersecurity.

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