NTT Security Deputy CSO John Petrie

John Petrie's role as deputy CSO for international business at NTT Security, a subsidiary of the $110 billion conglomerate NTT, is critical in the complex global security landscape.

Operating in 123 countries, NTT's vast presence in telecommunications, ICT, finance, and real estate sectors demands a sophisticated security posture influenced by regional dynamics in East Asia and geopolitical concerns. The intricacies of global politics, such as the tensions in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and Gaza, and the actions of China regarding Taiwan, underscore the delicate balance that Petrie and NTT must navigate. NTT's role as a critical service provider for the Japanese government adds another layer to its security considerations.

In an interview with, Petrie, a warfare and intelligence veteran, provides a stark analysis of the geopolitical scene. Without speculating on individual leaders' mindsets, he outlines potential strategic military moves that could involve NATO, draw Iran into a broader conflict, and risk confrontations between nuclear powers. His insights into the China-Russia relationship, driven by historical mistrust and current circumstances, highlight the potential for a dual crisis involving Ukraine and Taiwan.

Petrie emphasizes the need for robust, visionary leadership across all levels of government to navigate these challenges. He recalls the leadership style of General Al Gray, who prioritized his men's welfare and a collective understanding of what it meant to "Win the battle," underscoring the importance of decisive and strong leadership. Addressing the Israel-Hamas conflict, Petrie advocates for strict adherence to — and operating above — the laws of war and awareness of civilian impact amid urban warfare.

As economic instability continues, Petrie underscores the role of economic confidence in maintaining peace, explaining how, historically, it is economic despair that has fueled conflict. Despite the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding us, he remains optimistic, inspired by his grandchildren and the diversity of thought and perspectives within his organization. He stresses the importance of maintaining morale and guiding people truthfully yet hopefully.

Petrie's reflections on his career, mentorship, and guidance culminate in his book, From Private to CEO (And Some Stuff In Between),  which promises insights into his life dedicated to leadership. Petrie's wisdom, drawn from conflict and years of experience, is a lesson in the leadership necessary to navigate toward stability and peace.

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