Al Buford has experienced many successes, from his 20-year military career to his current role as President and Patriot Group International board member. Buford attributes his success to the values of mission focus and respect he learned in the Army and his ability to build strong relationships with his employees and business partners.

Recently, Buford and his team accomplished an incredible mission where they helped two girls from Afghanistan get to safety. This mission started when Buford's friend from Arizona, Geno Garsha, tried to get his interpreter and family out of Afghanistan after the Taliban had taken over. Buford and his team worked with Glenn Beck's Mercury One organization to coordinate the evacuation of hundreds of Yazidis from Afghanistan to various European countries.

When this mission was complete, Buford and his team were asked to help 150 school girls from the Asian School for Women in Afghanistan who were in danger of being captured by the Taliban. Buford and his team worked hard to get the girls to safety, and eventually, two of the girls, Asma and Osida, were able to make it to the United States. Buford and his wife have since taken the two girls in and have been helping them to adjust to their new lives in the United States.

Asma is studying computer science at an out-of-state school. Osida has been studying for her project management exam and has experience in financial analysis in Dubai and Singapore.

The incredible story of Asma and Osida is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Al Buford and the team at Patriot Group International. Their selfless mission of helping these two girls exemplifies the true spirit of giving and the power of a team working together to accomplish a common goal.

Buford believes that the same spirit of giving and working together for the common good is needed to bring unity to the nation. He believes that shared hardship can create a sense of shared goals and objectives and that by helping our neighbors, regardless of their political leanings, we can create a stronger sense of community and responsibility.

Buford also believes that social media algorithms are set up to inflame and magnify negative news, which does not help the situation. He believes that if we can focus on helping those around us, we can start making a difference.

Al Buford is a true leader and a shining example of what it means to be a patriot. His inspiring story of selfless giving should inspire us to help our neighbors and work together to create a better future.