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In a recent interview, Vector Solutions CEO Jonathan Cherins discussed the importance of planning his time wisely to lead and stay effectively connected with his team and customers. He emphasized the need to be in charge of his calendar and prioritize tasks that move the company forward. By color-coding his calendar and scheduling regular meetings with key team members, he ensures that important issues are addressed and progress is made.

Cherins also highlighted the importance of being present and flexible, especially when traveling to meet with customers and team members. He can build relationships and address issues more effectively by making time for face-to-face interactions. Additionally, he allows himself space to think, breathe, and adapt to changing circumstances and priorities.

Regarding personal time management, Cherins alternates between light reading for distraction and heavy reading for personal growth. He can stay connected with his children and continue learning and growing by engaging in various genres, including fantasy, historical fiction, and biographies. This balance between escapism and personal development helps him recharge and stay motivated.

Leaders can better manage their time and achieve their goals by prioritizing tasks, building relationships, and allowing space for personal growth and reflection.

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Megan Snyder
Megan Snyder

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