RainFocus CEO JR Sherman

On this episode of For Leaders, Clint meets with JR Sherman who is the CEO at RainFocus, which just happens to be one of Clint's favorite software companies. With thirty years of experience in the industry, JR has learned that the most important aspect to forging relationships in B2B is building trust. Being a CEO can mean having an unpredictable schedule, which makes it a thrilling and engaging job that demands self-leadership and focus. They also chat about AI and how it's impacting the event industry and JR shares his thoughts on the matter. JR is a conscious leader who's passionate about giving opportunities to people who work hard. You don't want to miss this episode! Tune in to learn more. "The way businesses grow in B2B is through relationships and the best way to build them is in these face-to-face environments where you can establish trust and initiate relationships."

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