Steve McMillan's journey from a computer programming enthusiast at 10 to the CEO of Teradata exemplifies a blend of technological acumen and seasoned leadership. Holding a combined honors degree in management and computer science, McMillan's early passion for technology and management was a precursor to his role at Teradata.

At Teradata, McMillan has been pivotal in harnessing the company's potential at the intersection of cloud technology, data analytics, and AI, steering its transformation with a vision emphasizing innovation and progress. His leadership style, as he shared with, adapts to various contexts, favoring a coaching approach for collaborative problem-solving. He stresses the importance of aligning leadership styles with the company's goals and the nuances of each situation.

McMillan’s leadership philosophy centers around people, strategy, execution, and culture. Under his guidance, Teradata, with its global workforce of 7,000, operates with a 'company on a page' framework. This integrates the company's purpose, strategy, and culture, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.

Highlighting the significance of company culture, McMillan likens it to a "workout routine," focusing on building strengths. This perspective has led to initiatives such as flexible working arrangements, boosting employee loyalty and productivity. He emphasizes the company's commitment to continuous improvement, market responsiveness, and agility in the face of global challenges.

McMillan's perspective on leadership extends to balancing external business elements, including customer relations, stakeholder interests, and broader community impacts, especially regarding ESG issues. His disciplined approach helps navigate these complex facets.

Excited about the role of AI in business and technology, McMillan is at the forefront of advocating for ethical and sustainable AI applications at Teradata, underscoring his commitment to responsible innovation.

Steve McMillan's career is more than a leadership story; it's about navigating a global team through the complexities of the modern business world, emphasizing ethical practices and sustainable solutions.

Written by

Rachel Swan