Tony Jamous is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and the founder of Oyster, a benefits corporation working to empower companies around the world to employ anyone, anywhere. What Tony has created is a mission-driven business that seeks to make the world more equal and free by democratizing opportunity.

Tony's journey began in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war and left his home country at 17 to study in France. It was there that he was exposed to a world of opportunity. The French government gave Tony €350 a month to help with his living expenses and studies, something that shocked and inspired him, opening his eyes to the ways one can bridge wealth inequality and level the playing field of opportunity around the world.

At the heart of this mission is Oyster, a platform that brings together employers and distributed teams of talented professionals in 80 countries. Tony and his team have identified the biggest challenge that companies are facing today when trying to build exceptional teams: accessing the best talent. That's why Oyster is built on the idea of a unified global market—employers can go beyond the limits of geography and tap into a vast pool of remote professionals who have access to the same job and skills opportunities irrespective of location.

Beyond the advantages of tapping into a global labor force, employers benefit from Oyster's suite of tools and services that let them manage and scale distributed teams more effectively. Oyster provides services such as risk management, time management and even employee onboarding. Additionally, they offer robust communication and knowledge-sharing tools to ensure productivity and collaboration.

However, the rising trend of remote work also has its challenges. How does a company maintain culture and ensure that every individual feels connected and cared for when scattered across 80 different countries? The answer lies in Tony's passion for connection. He understands that the purpose of remote work should be to promote harmony in employees' lives and make work meaningful. By providing tools that foster communication, nurture collaboration, and enable employees to feel seen and heard, Tony has created a platform that can bring people together, no matter the geography.

The mission of Oyster is helping people live better lives. With that comes the responsibility of looking after the mental health of the workforce. For that, Oyster has put into place measures that can provide anonymous support to people experiencing hardship. The platform also uses sentiment-analysis tools to track mental health so it can anticipate and address issues early.

The future of Oyster is to expand the geographic reach, open up more opportunities and solve challenges in the global workplace with more innovative tools and technologies. It's not just changing the way global work is done, it's setting a new standard of work-life harmony and empowering individuals to work and achieve their goals in a way that works for them. To Tony, creating a world where everyone can do meaningful work is the ultimate goal. It’s a world where every person has the ability to define their own path, live in harmony, and achieve their highest potential.

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