Ecsell Institute CEO Bill Eckstrom

Bill Eckstrom, CEO of The Ecsell Institute and author of The Coaching Effect, understands the importance of relationships and the power of coaching in fostering effective leadership.

Eckstrom defines leadership as a combination of relationship building, system, and process development, and the ability to create complex environments. He emphasizes that leadership requires an understanding of how to challenge people healthily and to create an atmosphere of trust and psychological safety.

According to Eckstrom, the key to creating an environment of trust and psychological safety is to take the time to get to know employees on an individual level, including learning about their personal goals and interests outside of work. He also believes creating a psychologically safe space where employees feel safe sharing thoughts and opinions is essential.

Since founding Ecsell Institute in 2008, Eckstrom has branched into various industries, including sales, marketing, operations, IT, pharma, agriculture, manufacturing, high tech, retail, and sports. His book, The Coaching Effect, provides an in-depth look at the power of coaching and its ability to support growth.

Eckstrom believes that developing a coaching mindset is essential for leaders to reach their goals. He also recognizes that the most influential leaders are on a hybrid schedule, working both in-office and remotely.

He says that recognizing the leaders around us, both famous and not, is essential to our growth and success. As Eckstrom says, “When we measure the same things in business that we do in sports, if leaders do the same things—create connections, provide psychologically safe environments, have great communication, have excellent, healthy disciplines and practices, and they create a challenging and uncomfortable environment, the result of that is winning. So, if you focus on the root cause, not the outcome, you’re on the right path.”

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