FE International Executive Chair Ismael Wrixen


The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) market is booming. Many businesses are looking for ways to increase their market share and maximize profits, so they are turning to SaaS-based companies to get the job done.

One of the leading figures in the SaaS and M&A space is Ismael Wrixen. As a former investment banker, Ismael has worked in the SaaS and M&A room for 13 years. His experience and knowledge have been invaluable in helping businesses of all sizes make the most of the opportunities available.

In a recent interview with CEO.com, Ismael discussed his background and how he ended up in the SaaS and M&A space. He explained that after working in investment banking for several years, he identified a gap in the market. This gap was in the representation that businesses below specific price points had access.

He left investment banking and took an entrepreneurial route, eventually leading to the SaaS and M&A space. At the time, Ismael and his team at FE Internationalrepresented somewhere in the region of 50 to 60 acquisitions each year. This number has now grown to over 200.

When asked who buys these companies, Ismael explained that they are usually strategic or strategically focused private equity firms. Strategic firms generally seek acqui-hires, whereas private equity firms are likelier to seek majority take-offs or walk-away structures.

Ismael then explained the current state of the software as a service business. He explained that although the market has seen some adjustments, the valuations have remained relatively stable. He also pointed out that a significant amount of dry capital is still out there, looking to be actively deployed.

The digital content businesses have also seen some disruption, particularly in the SPACs, taking some of these businesses public. Ismael believes that many of these businesses weren't ready to go public and that this has negatively affected their valuations.

However, the digital content business related to the pandemic has seen some positive effects. With people using this time to invest in themselves and learn new skills, industries related to e-learning and education have seen a massive uptick in interest.

Overall, Ismael believes that the SaaS and M&A space will continue to be an area of growth for the foreseeable future. He believes that the market will continue to be strong, particularly as businesses look to diversify and expand their portfolios. He also believes that AI will continue to play a role, although this will depend largely on the regulations that are put in place.

Ismael also advised CEOs and leaders looking to acquire or sell their businesses. He urged them to take a long-term view and not take shortcuts in their business model. He also recommended that they invest in good advisors who can help them understand the journey ahead and the parameters buyers will look at.

Ismael Wrixen is an experienced leader in the SaaS and M&A space. His experience and knowledge are invaluable in helping businesses make the most of the opportunities available. With the market growing, Ismael's advice for CEOs and leaders looking to acquire or sell their companies should be considered.

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