Will AI bring us closer together or further apart?

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rainfocus CEO JR Sherman. If you’ve never heard of Rainfocus, you should know they’re one of the world's best event management software companies. I’ve personally used these guys for several years.

We talked about the importance of events in the B2B space, the impact of AI, and the journey of building a successful platform from the ground up. I walked away from the interview wondering whether AI would bring us closer together or further apart.

Interview Highlights:

  • The Journey of Rainfocus: JR shares his incredible 30-year journey in the events industry, from building a services company to co-founding Rainfocus with his partner Doug. Learn how their combined expertise created a unified platform that scales seamlessly.
  • The Importance of Events: JR believes face-to-face interactions are irreplaceable in building trust and relationships in the B2B world. He passionately discusses the unique human element that events bring to the table.
  • Navigating COVID-19: Like most companies, Rainfocus had to quickly adapt during the pandemic. It transitioned major conferences to virtual formats in record time while maintaining customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • AI and the Future of Events: JR delves into how AI is integrated into its platform to enhance user experience and streamline processes. He also shares his thoughts on why AI will drive even more demand for authentic, in-person interactions.
  • Self-Leadership and Daily Routines: We talked about JR's approach to self-leadership, his flexible daily routine, and how he balances work with his passion for youth athletics.
  • Looking Ahead to 2024: JR provides his perspective on the upcoming year, the macroeconomic environment, and the importance of staying focused on what truly matters.

Written by

Clint Betts
Clint Betts

CEO | CEO.com

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