eLuma Therapy CEO Jeremy Glauser

​​​​Jeremy Glauser's journey as an entrepreneur began long before eLuma's inception. His roots trace back to his childhood when he and his brothers started a lawn-mowing business, instilling in him an early sense of entrepreneurship. This foundation paved the way for his relentless work ethic and drive. His path took an unexpected turn at the age of 18 when he tragically lost his mother. This personal loss, while devastating, became a catalyst for his life mission: to help individuals fulfill their potential.

With an undergraduate education from Brigham Young University and a background in linguistics, Glauser embarked on a journey that eventually led him to the field of telehealth. In the early 2010s, Glauser recognized the unmet need for therapists in school systems, a problem exacerbated by the shortage of qualified professionals. His experience in education technology and linguistics converged with his passion for helping children, culminating in the idea for eLuma Therapy.

The journey of eLuma Therapy has been marked by organic growth, calculated risks, and unwavering dedication. Glauser's commitment to filling the gap in school-based therapeutic services led him to bootstrap the company initially. This grassroots approach not only allowed the company to gain a foothold in the industry but also shaped its ethos of putting the needs of students and educators at the forefront.

However, Glauser's ambitious vision was accompanied by a growing awareness of the need for strategic partnerships and increased resources. The dynamic nature of the educational landscape, coupled with the accelerated adoption of telehealth during the pandemic, compelled him to seek investors who shared his values and passion for improving education. In 2021, eLuma Therapy joined forces with Leeds Equity Partners, which solidified their commitment to growth, innovation, and broadening their impact.

Through eLuma Therapy, Glauser has transformed how mental health services are delivered in schools. The pandemic highlighted the urgency of addressing students' social-emotional well-being and learning loss, prompting schools to embrace telehealth solutions at an unprecedented pace. eLuma Therapy's platform seamlessly connects therapists with students through videoconferencing, ensuring access to critical support regardless of physical location.

Glauser's innovation extends beyond the immediate needs of telehealth. He recognized that while the pandemic accelerated change, it also created an opportunity to redefine the future of education. The company's approach now encompasses general education students, focusing on holistic well-being. eLuma Therapy's multi-tiered support system addresses mental health needs across the entire student population, aligning with Glauser's deep-seated belief in the power of early intervention.

As CEO, Glauser continues to steer eLuma Therapy toward new horizons, embracing change and innovation while remaining steadfast in his commitment to helping individuals reach their full potential. Through his vision, eLuma Therapy is not only revolutionizing telehealth but also illuminating the path to a brighter and more equitable future for education.

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