Valisure CEO David Light

David Light, CEO of Valisure, leads a startup pioneering independent drug testing to ensure chemical quality, addressing the misconception that FDA approval guarantees drug safety and focusing on the often variable quality of generics, with a mission to enhance trust and safety in pharmaceuticals.

NexusTek CEO Bill Wosilius

Bill Wosilius transitioned from military service to becoming the CEO of NexusTek, where he leads the company's growth in IT outsourcing and emphasizes leadership development and a strong organizational culture.

Collective Health CEO Ali Diab

CEO Ali Diab on being a patient facing unexplained hospital charge denials to founding Collective Health, a platform enabling employers to manage healthcare costs better, offering a fresh perspective on U.S. healthcare and leadership.

Avature CEO Dimitri Boylan

Dimitri Boylan highlights his key ventures, such as founding and Avature, and delves into his leadership philosophy that is rooted in personal values like integrity and fairness in the business world.

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