Radial CEO Laura Ritchey

Laura Ritchey, CEO of Radial, shifts her leadership focus from day-to-day operations to a strategic, forward-thinking approach, emphasizing technology, employee empowerment, and a human-centric culture to align the company's trajectory with an ever-evolving market in e-commerce.

ApplyBoard CEO Meti Basiri

Meti Basiri shares insights on ApplyBoard's founding, AI integration, and his vision for a connected world by empowering students and institutions globally through education and empathy.

Houston Methodist CEO Dr. Marc Boom

Dr. Marc Boom on healthcare leadership, the humane aspect of medicine, and his desire for a healthcare ecosystem where thriving individuals and communities take precedence over ailments and healthcare is proactive, nurturing well-being at its core.

CallRevu CEO Ben Chodor

Under Ben Chodor's leadership, CallRevu has transformed the automotive industry through advanced AI technologies, emphasizing the importance of human elements in business and customer relationships and advocating for a balanced approach between technological innovation and employee empowerment.

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