eLuma Therapy CEO Jeremy Glauser

Jeremy Glauser's on eLuma Therapy, a telehealth platform transforming mental health services in schools; guided by his commitment, the company expanded its scope during the pandemic, addressing broader educational needs, and is now shaping a more equitable educational future.

Bloomreach CEO Raj De Datta

Raj De Datta, CEO of Bloomreach, pioneers the integration of AI and human intuition to reshape commerce, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling customer desires and weaving immersive narratives.

Copado CEO Ted Elliott

Ted Elliott, the CEO of Copado, on his personal battles with cancer, passion for utilizing AI to solve global challenges and to bring new avenues of innovation, and the advice he gives to aspiring technology leaders to take chances while having empathy for those around them.

Impacta VC CEO David Alvo

David Alvo is on a mission to empower Latin American entrepreneurs through Impacta VC, encouraging purpose-driven ventures that recognize the connections between their efforts and the good they do, while being open and honest despite challenges and obstacles.

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