Thryv CEO Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh on transforming Thryv, a company that focuses on aiding small businesses with an easy-to-use app, leveraging AI for expansion and success in a competitive market, and embracing remote work while maintaining company culture.

AvePoint CEO Tianyi Jiang

AvePoint's remarkable journey from a small B2B software startup to the largest provider of Microsoft cloud data management and governance solutions exemplifies the triumph of vision and adaptability in the tech industry.

StockX CEO Scott Cutler

Scott Cutler, CEO of StockX, emphasizes the importance of empathy in leadership, intertwining technology with cultural insight; his approach to leadership, centered on personal development and well-being, adapts to the evolving digital age, aiming for an improved global buyer experience.

Yext CEO Michael Walrath

Michael Walrath pioneered ad exchange at Right Media and navigated corporate challenges at Yahoo before diving into documentary filmmaking with Atlas Films and furthering digital innovation through ventures like WGI Group, emphasizing adaptability in leadership throughout his multifaceted career.

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