Author Liz Wiseman

Liz Wiseman on the importance of authentic leadership, drawing on experiences with tech industry leaders, and highlighting that true leadership is about empowering others, valuing small acts of kindness, and recognizing the significant contributions of "impact players" in an organization.

PetMeds CEO Matt Hulett

Matt Hulett's leadership philosophy, rooted in simplicity and a deep understanding of people, products, infrastructure, and capital allocation, emphasizes a structured growth assessment framework and embracing AI while recognizing its impact on entrepreneurship and industry dynamics.

Full Focus Founder & Author Michael Hyatt

Author and public speaker Michael Hyatt champions the enduring allure of the analog, merging traditional tactile experiences with modern productivity and leadership tools.

Arctic Wolf CEO Nick Schneider

Nick Schneider, the CEO of Arctic Wolf, is a cybersecurity veteran who has led the company to success by adopting a holistic approach, recognizing the dual role of AI in cybercrime, promoting inter-departmental collaboration.

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