Going Public Executive Producer Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman has created a platform, "Going Public," that allows everyone to participate in investing with a focus on providing education and mentorship; his experience in entrepreneurship, media, and entertainment has been crucial to the success of the platform.

ClickHouse CEO Aaron Katz

Aaron Katz's 25-year journey in enterprise software has led him from internships at Sun Microsystems and PeopleSoft to a leadership role at Salesforce and the eventual founding of his own startup, ClickHouse, in 2018, providing a model for companies looking to expand internationally.

Thumbtack CEO Marco Zappacosta

Marco Zappacosta is a tech entrepreneur who disrupted the home service industry by creating Thumbtack, an online marketplace for finding and hiring professionals which is now valued at $3.2 billion.

Zetta Managing Partner Ash Fontana

Ash Fontana has garnered a reputation as a leader and innovator in the tech and investing world through stints at AngelList and Zetta Ventures, and has propelled the future of work through his successes in the AI-first business field.

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