LogicMark CEO Chia-Lin Simmons

Chia-Lin Simmons combines her diverse experiences in the tech industry, from Wired to LogicMark, to foster a company culture centered on empathy, customer-centric innovation, and a balance between professional demands and personal life, leading to sustainable growth and a positive workplace.

Ness Digital Engineering CEO Ranjit Tinaikar

Ranjit Tinaikar, CEO of Ness Digital Engineering, has led the company's transformation into a specialized digital engineering firm, focusing on long-term value and talent management while adapting to post-pandemic work culture and leveraging AI for growth and innovation.

Customers are hard to reach – CEOs shouldn’t be

Jason Foodman |

Simple strategies CEOs can implement when approaching customer feedback.

Bristlecone CEO Nirav Patel

Bristlecone CEO Nirav Patel on leadership, resilience, adaptability, and integrating AI and IoT technologies into future-proofing supply chains.